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Branding | UI/UX | Illustration

Basehor Dairy Days Logo
Concept: A new and updated logo for the Basehor Dairy Days. The old logo inspired the new logo of the cows head in a friendly cartoon style, perfect for a family friendly event. The color blue for the primary color of the logo relating back to milk jugs you would buy at the grocery store.
Vetrax App Redesign
Concept: Vetrax helps connect the pet parent to their pets. The app redesign was focused on something that was easier to look at and navigate while walking your dog. I was responsible for user research, specific UI/UX screens through the process of design, filming, editing, and producing a promotional video for the product app.
Gloria Willis Middle School Concession Signage
Concept: Fast and hungry like a tiger! The sign fits the branding guidelines while still giving personality to the space. The quick stripes grab the attention of the students and visitors.
10th Annual MGA Triple Crown Showdown Ad
Concept: The MGA (Myasthenia Gravis Association) Triple Crown Showdown 5k, formally the Greater Kansas City MGA Walk Run and Roll, has raised more than $300,000 in the past 9 years. The image sports the myasthenia gravis awareness color teal with a fun instagram style look.
Kansas City BMX
Concept: Kansas City BMX is a group of old bikers still living the dream. Going anywhere from racers to freestylers. BMXers of all kinds gather to enjoy BMX biking in Kansas City. The logo incorporates various iconic Kansas City landmarks and how could anyone forget the wheel of a bike!
Lawrence Sunshine Foundation Rebranding
Concept: The Lawrence Sunshine Foundation is an organization to help foster children feel more at home by the donations of toys, clothes, money, and more. Including a donation item box and box of colored pencils. The colored pencils are given to each child for a feeling of something of their own they can enjoy. The social media campaign involves the children drawing the logo in their own way connects the people who donate and the children they help.
Chalmers Cafe Redesign
Concept: Redesigning the bar space in Chalmers cafe with some more life and function. The graphical pattern mural gives the space movement and life with a subtle hint at KU’s branding. The booth seating flips around the space and allows for more collaboration opportunities for students.
Cosmetics of Public Typography
Concept: The story of three women from different generations and their process of applying makeup. As their stories progress, we get a closer look at the different typography on the products that each of the women uses. The colors used through the book follow a monochromatic pink color scheme commonly seen in the beauty industry. The other elements in the book also relate back to the beauty industry with being clean, concise, and elegant.
Verbal Abuse Awareness Posters
Concept: A duo of posters that bring awareness to verbal abuse for young women. The colors of the poster are a subtle hint at the bruises that the verbal abuse leaves on these young women’s mental health. The mouth illustration on the poster was drawn by myself and later vectorized to give a gritty look to fit the ugly truth.
Z's Divine Rebranding
Concept: A small Lawrence coffee shop with three different locations. The rebranding is focused on creating a mascot and vibe fit for a goddess. As part of embracing the organic coffee they sell, the rebranding expands on that idea and feeling.
Concept: A biodegradable cupcake box with some sass. Normal single cupcake boxes are usually completely made out of plastic. This proposes the solution of a biodegradable box that holds the cupcake secure during its travel. The box is shaped like a cupcake with fun quirky phrases.
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